Best Flowers To Plant In Spring

Shopping For Some Of the Best Flowers To Plant In Spring

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Whilst the east coast is groaning under feet of snow at the moment, here in California it’s overcast but warm enough to believe it’s spring. I know that I could be very disappointed if we get a late cold snap or frost or something but it sure feels like spring to me.

Hydrangeas on display 1024x576 Best Flowers To Plant In Spring
Hydrangeas vary in color depending on the soil PH

And it sure feels like spring to all the big superstores out there who are stocking up their nursery sections with hundreds of the best flowers to plant in spring. I was in one yesterday and I just can’t get over the scale of sales in America.

Some of the plants in full bloom should definitely not be flowering yet, like the lovely pink and blue Hydrangeas that stretched almost as far as the eye could see. Of course, I had to buy one because its center was irresistible, but I hope those are not the only flowers it’ll get this growing season. I’ll hope for the best.

Hydrangea cu 300x178 Best Flowers To Plant In Spring
The center of a Hydrangea, a bouquet in itself!

There were rows of tulips nodding their colorful heads at me but I resisted because my tulip bulbs are all coming up in the garden and that’s a large part of gardening pleasure – waiting for the buds to develop and burst into flower (and hopefully not be eaten by snails as they do, like my poor daffodils).

Having said that, I did buy a pot of Ranunculas because they were the most gorgeous baby pink and who knows what colors my mixed bag will produce? By the way, American Meadows is having a 50% off sale on spring planted bulbs right now so go check them out.  I also replaced the Iceland Poppies that I bought too late last year. It’s the right season for them now so I’m optimistic.

Poppies and Ranunculus 169x300 Best Flowers To Plant In Spring
Poppies and Ranunculas, an excellent combination

I spotted some orange Ice Plant ground covers in big trays and was sorely tempted but, as I mentioned earlier, I think a carpet of pink and orange in my long street side bed may be a bit much for my neighbors! They are some of the best flowers to plant in spring, though, if you want a mass of very bright color later on and they are totally drought resistant ground covers.

So I contented myself with buying a Lithodora ground cover with luminous blue flowers which I had spotted in Leslie’s garden. That is far more self contained, I suspect, and won’t bury its own neighbors. It’s very hardy and its leaves stay green, even in snow. It flowers from late winter to late spring when everything else is still busy growing.

I bought a lovely pink Calla Lily for the kitchen. I was definitely in the mood for pink yesterday! I also bought a deep blue Lavender because you can’t have too many!  Lavender grows very easily from cuttings so I’ll probably take a couple and expand my collection. Spring and fall are both good seasons for planting cuttings.


Pink Calla Lily 557x1024 Best Flowers To Plant In Spring
Pink Calla Lilies, brought into early bloom

There were lots of Lily bulbs on sale which are, of course, some of the best flowers to plant in spring but I have already ordered all I could ever need online. Online nurseries have a much larger selection when it comes to lilies as the mega stores usually stick to the most popular varieties.

I love getting packages delivered; reminds me of the good old days with the mail man dropping off presents from gran. I’m often asked when to plant lily bulbs and I always plant mine as soon as I buy them. Lily bulbs are never completely dormant like Daffodils or Begonias, they need to be in the ground, getting some water.

Nearby nurseries haven’t got their bulbs in yet, but they’ll have a good selection when they do. I’ll just have to go and check.

Here is a list of gopher resistant plants: resistant plants.  If you want to buy plants that deer probably won’t eat, look here.

Happy gardening and don’t forget your sunscreen. There’s so much skin cancer about, you must protect your skin.


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