Spring Has Sprung – at last!

Spring Has Sprung, The Grass Has Riz

Well, at last spring has arrived! That’s not to say there’s no cold left and we’ve just had a week of rain and wind which battered my freshly flowering hyacinth, but the fruit trees are smothered in flowers, more and more blooms are unfolding, birds are returning sand the calves and kids are leaping about in the nearby fields so it’s official, spring has sprung.

Orange Wild Flowers

Spring springing, however,  means that the power mowers, hand mowers and weed whackers are out in force all around me, their vengeful whining filling the air, mowing the fields, the lawns and culverts; cutting down the foot high grass and all the early wild flowers with them.

Orange wild flowers 1024x575 Spring Has Sprung   at last!
An orange meadow in my garden

I was delighted to discover that my large front lawn is a vibrant spring meadow of orange daisies in the final weeks of winter and the fence line is adorned with white nodding garlic type flowers. Orange, white and blue are definitely the colors of early spring, followed a little later by the pinks and reds. I decided to let my grass grow until the flowers go to seed. Alas, I’m told this is a bad idea as the grass gets too long and thick and then no one will cut it. So tomorrow the meadow gets the chop, although I’m assured it’ll return for a second flowering.

Bulbs and Pots

Multi colored Parrot Tulips 1024x836 Spring Has Sprung   at last!
Colorful and extravagant looking Parrot tulips

Luckily all the fall planted, spring flowering bulbs are bursting out of the pots I planted before moving house. I’ve arranged half a dozen of them on the front steps and they make a vibrant picture for any guests coming up the path. There are white daffodils, ruffled apricot daffodils, multi-colored hyacinth and blowsy parrot tulips, which are quite extraordinary with their frilly, bi-colored petals. Today I swapped out the hyacinth for the first of the Dutch irises.

A yellow osteospermum is also in full bloom on the stairs, much larger than it was last season. I took a few cuttings of the copper colored one in the fall and the first one has popped out a flower in my brand new flowerbed. Other cuttings are busy blooming in my little plastic shade house so it’s time to get them up and out. I’m still transplanting the plants I brought from my last house into this flowerbed and it’s looking sparse right now but in a few weeks it’ll be over-flowing.

P1020441 575x1024 Spring Has Sprung   at last!
Pure orange gorgeousness. Chincherinchee

Last fall I planted a whole lot of bubils from all my different lilies and now they’ve all emerged and are growing well. Even at this early stage, it’s easy to discern the different varieties because they all have different shaped leaves. I must have nearly a hundred of them! I’d love to plant them all out under the trees but the deer would be delighted too, as would the gophers, so in pots they will stay for the next couple of years.

In the meantime, my indoor plants are also showing signs of life, with several of my orchids putting out new flowering stems, including an irridescant pink one which is putting out two! Sitting in the bay window, a chincherinchee with pure orange flower clusters dazzles my daughter. It’s quite stunning. This is a South African bulb but I had never seen this particular color until coming to the States and I’m not sure how big it grows. It’s a bigger flower than the small white ones that grow so well in this area that some people, especially the ranchers, regard them as noxious weeds. I suspect those are the lovely white flowers along my fence line…

White Chincherinchee 660x1024 Spring Has Sprung   at last!
Noxious weed or delicate wild flower? White chincherinchee.

Time to Buy Your Spring Bulbs For Summer Blooming

Now is the time to pick on great deals on bulbs online. I am waiting for some apricot striped Oriental Lilies at the moment. Should come in a couple of weeks time. They can be planted right through spring.

Happy gardening and please don’t forget your %name Spring Has Sprung   at last!sunscreen.

There’s so much skin cancer about, you must protect your skin.

By the way, here is a link to a list of gopher resistant plants: http://www.groundcoversandgardening.com/gopher resistant plants.

If you want to buy plants that deer probably won’t eat, look here.

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  • April 4, 2016 at 10:41 am

    You have wonderfully green fingers. The yellow daisy field is superb! And your bulbs… what a great achievement

    • July 11, 2016 at 4:51 pm

      Thanks Susan, glad you enjoyed the article.


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